Watch Repair

We have a team of highly skilled Watchmakers who combine classic techniques with state of the art tools to repair your watch so that it can function like a brand new timepiece. We handle all watches with great care and a determination to keep it safe.


Watch Service

During our watch service, we strip the movement and every piece in the watch for inspection. Methodically we clean the movement using ultrasonic. If any part is found for wear, we fit in original factory parts. The movement is then jointed and oiled as required.



If your timepiece doesn’t have the same shine, it had a few months ago and in need of refurbishment. Our skilled Watchmakers will provide a tremendous refurbishment service using various polishing and lapping equipment.


Battery and Reseal

Our skilled Watchmakers are accredited to perform this maintenance servicing on all watches. We place a new, dated battery and a freshly sealed gasket around the case back. The case back is then properly fitted back in the watch and then pressure test your watch to ensure no leak can take place.


Replacement Glass

Normally a watch glass can break or crack easily from impact, or from dropping a watch on a hard surface. We can replace almost any glass that is broken including replacement seals. We also buff the glass of your watch to remove the scratches or marks.We only use official parts while replacing your watch glass.


Replacement Crown

If the crown of your timepiece is damaged, it compromises the watch water resistance and can be subject to damage when winding. We provide service where we can replace the crown. We use official factory parts to ensure the authenticity of your watch and also restore the watch’s appearance.


We bought Tommy Hilfiger couple collection for our wedding day. But, accidently it fall off my hand and there was crack in the glass. I called up The Watch Lab Melbourne and they assure me to help as soon as possible. Just in two days I got it back and now I am wearing it with a big smile!
Neil H
My PRADA watch was gifted to me by Elbert the day we were engaged. And, thus it holds a special place in my collection. I was not sure till the time I received my watch back from The Watch Lab Melbourne. These guys are excellent. I am very happy with the services!